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The Clarity Project

Feeling stuck, scared, or stagnant in life? It doesn’t have to be like this.

This isn’t about me telling you what to do or trying to change everything about you – It’s about ditching the thoughts + beliefs that don’t serve you, so you can step into the life you were made for!

MNDFL Living Coach

Alexis’ mindfulness teachings or as she likes to call it a Pause, are about sharing practical and approachable tools and techniques. A chance for everyone to realize just how approachable this ancient practice can be worked into our modern lives.

She has seen firsthand the benefits of bringing mindfulness practice into the workplace from when she owned her own business back in America.  In a very demanding industry, the results of weaving these practices into her work were transformative. From improving focus, better sleep, and decreased stress levels. 

With her community outreach work to involvement with larger corporations, she truly believes that by living mindfully we can improve everyone’s quality of life.

Karen Murphy - Melbourne, AU
People & Culture Manager, Bank First
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During these uncertain times of COVID - 19 Alexis has been providing our people with Mindfulness Sessions. These sessions give our people the opportunity to pause, relax and de-stress. Bringing meditation to our workplace via MS Teams has benefited our peoples overall health and wellbeing.
Joy Young - NY, NY
Sr. Director, People at Slice
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2020 presented lots of new challenges and required us to adapt personally and professionally. Our employees are our most valuable asset and this year stretched us so it was important for our organization to provide mental health resources beyond what is offered through traditional healthcare routes. Alexis guided us through twice weekly meditation practices that helped us to take a necessary break during our day that we often failed to do (and really needed!). I can’t begin to explain how she has made an impact on our organization, but I do know we are all very grateful!
Madeleine Reilly - Melbourne, AU
Policy Adviser at Infrastructure Victoria
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Alexis has been guiding a mindfulness and meditation class via Zoom with my colleagues for the past few weeks, and I can't recommend it enough. She has a warm, calming presence and her classes have been a wonderful weekly moment to take a pause. Thank you Alexis!

Corporate Programs

Meditation can transform a company. Mindfulness will boost team cohesion while energizing and de-stressing your workforce. Reduce your employee stress by introducing office mindfulness customised specifically for your work place online or in-person.
Pause with Alexis - Melbourne corporate Meditation Teacher
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The Pause Membership

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0ver 40 guided meditations.

Access to all Monthly Masterclasses (live + recorded)

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I have always wanted to get into meditation but have always struggled. Having been to a couple of classes with Alexis i can now see that I finally feel that I am on the right path. Alexis made me feel so relaxed and made me realise there are so many different ways you can meditate which is exactly what I was looking for! Highly, highly recommend!
Jenna Phelps
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Alexis makes meditation approachable. She breaks it down into short acts of mindfulness that we can easily incorporate into our day. Alexis has a special ability to turn your focus towards enjoying the simple aspects of life. My own life was running 100mph until 2 months ago. Now I've learned to slow down, pause, and take in the moment. I am immensely thankful for the online classes. I found an incredible teacher 10,500 miles away from me!

Let's Connect!

Meditation is a very personal practice. One that takes courage and willingness to show up for yourself each day. Finding the right teacher for you to grow a consistent practice is a key element when embarking on this adventure. Alexis’ no bs attitude will allow you the chance to figure out right away if she is the right fit for you to work together. And if she thinks you would benefit from another style of teaching she is the first to give you a recommendation. So take that first step to a life with more balance and understanding, fill out the enquiry form and lets begin with a chat.