Pause with Alexis - Alexis Guttridge, Melbourne Meditation Teacher

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Alexis’ meditation teachings or as she likes to call it a Pause, are about shorter sits with time for discussion. A chance for everyone to realize just how approachable this ancient practice can be worked into our modern lives.

She has seen first hand the benefits of bringing a mindfulness practice into the workplace from when she owned  her own business back in America.  A very demanding industry the results of weaving these practices into her work were transformative. From improving focus, better sleep, and decreased stress levels. 

With her community outreach work to involvement with larger corporations, she truly believes the practice to Pause can improve everyone’s quality of life and help to end burn out in the workplace.

Karen Murphy
People & Culture Manager, Bank First
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During these uncertain times of COVID - 19 Alexis has been providing our people with Mindfulness Sessions. These sessions give our people the opportunity to pause, relax and de-stress. Bringing meditation to our workplace via MS Teams has benefited our peoples overall health and wellbeing.
Madeleine Reilly
Policy Adviser at Infrastructure Victoria
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Alexis has been guiding a mindfulness and meditation class via Zoom with my colleagues for the past few weeks, and I can't recommend it enough. She has a warm, calming presence and her classes have been a wonderful weekly moment to take a pause. Thank you Alexis!
Liz Vilardi
Former Restaurateur/Retailer
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I have known Alexis for almost 15 years now and most of that time was in fast-paced, high-stress and high-emotion scenarios almost all centering around restaurant life - ours and the guests we entertained inside. Remembering how hard it can be to shed that energy, and those expectations we have for ourselves, Alexis reached back into her very emotionally-intelligent self and patiently worked us all (as a group) into a calm, thoughtful and deliberate mediation that created space for everyone to get to that place of pause. She has a special way of keeping the room open for what each unique person may require. Thank you for sharing it with us and changing our minds on the very real need for meditation. We are truly better at our jobs and our life due to it.

Corporate Programs

I have seen first hand how
meditation can transform a company. Mindfulness and meditation will boost team cohesion while energizing and de-stressing your workforce. Reduce your employee stress by introducing office meditation customised specifically for your work place online or in-person.
Pause with Alexis - Melbourne corporate Meditation Teacher
Pause with Alexis - Meditation Library

The Pause Library

I’ve created the library so you can listen to one of my meditations whenever you need. With over 25 guided meditations, on a wide range of mindfulness topics and breathing exercises, the Pause Library caters to your meditation style and preference. I upload new meditations regularly so you have plenty to choose from. I hope you gain the same clarity and enjoy a time to Pause, like my community does.

1:1 Meditation

Having one on one time allows you to experiment and play with many styles and techniques of meditation. It is an opportunity to ask the questions you may not want to ask in a public setting. A chance to create a realistic game plan of how to practice on your own at home and still feel supported. A wonderful place to begin your meditation practice for beginners or breathe new life into a practice you may have
shifted away from over time. Pets are always welcomed to join!
Book in today for a
free 20 minute introduction phone call.
Pause with Alexis - Meditation Classes Melbourne, Australia
Pause with Alexis - Community Meditation Classes

8-Week Practice

A program designed by Alexis, after going through her own addiction, burnout and depression. Through her daily practice she discovered an entirely new way to live life with compassion, laughter, success and health. She shares all the tricks that she has developed for herself over the years from working with Meditation teachers both in America + Australia. The love + passion Alexis has for a Pause is brought with her to every class single class.
Madeleine Reilly
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Alexis has been guiding a mindfulness and meditation class via Zoom with my colleagues for the past few weeks, and I can't recommend it enough. She has a warm, calming presence and her classes have been a wonderful weekly moment to take a pause. Thank you Alexis!
Joy Young
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Alexis has helped our company tremendously! Given the uncertainty and chaos that COVID-19 has caused, we wanted to provide our employees with a healthy way to distress each week, and Alexis provided that. Many employees are implementing Alexis' teachings outside of our weekly sessions and find it beneficial. Alexis' approach is practical and perfect for today's environment.
Jenna Phelps
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Alexis makes meditation approachable. She breaks it down into short acts of mindfulness that we can easily incorporate into our day. Alexis has a special ability to turn your focus towards enjoying the simple aspects of life. My own life was running 100mph until 2 months ago. Now I've learned to slow down, pause, and take in the moment. I am immensely thankful for the online classes. I found an incredible teacher 10,500 miles away from me!

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I love receiving messages! Especially handwritten ones. So even if it is just to say HI. Drop me a note and I’ll send you a mini-meditation to try at home.