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Pause with Alexis - Meditation Library
Nadine Beeton
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Joining the 'Pause with Alexis' community has been key in turning my meditation practice from almost non-existent to absolutely consistent. Her down to earth approach to meditation is exactly what we need when venturing into something that can present so many uncertainties. Alexis is truly one of a kind!
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If you don't think you can meditate then come and Pause with Alexis! I cannot recommend Alexis highly enough. She offers such a relaxed approach to meditation and mindfulness, with a large variety of techniques offered. Her support and care is second to none. Do yourself a favour if you need some calm in your life!
Laura Reddaway
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Alexis has such a friendly and calm approach, I have loved learning and practicing with her. I wasn’t sure what to expect after signing up for a five week course but Tuesday mornings quickly became my favourite day of the week.