3-Part Mini Meditation Series

 I  know your time is precious and that is why I have created this option for you with rotating topics every month. Or maybe you simply want to try this before commiting to the 8-Week or 1-Year Pause Program.  These carefully curated series will give you a basic understanding of meditation, a place to start if you are brand new, or a chance to meditate with a group if your home practice has gotten off-track. These short courses will be an introductory for some and a refresher for others.

3 x 25 Minute Classes

Live or Recorded option available to all participants. 
Next series will include (Date TBD):

Class #1 – Meditation Obstacles (the stuff no one talks about- thoughts, discomfort, power tools)

Class #2 – Breath (not just different techniques but understanding how it can help us discover greater relaxation)

Class #3 – Gratitude ( A practice all on it’s own that can have just as much impact as the meditation practice itself on your daily life)

Make sure you are on the Pause email list so that you don’t miss out on each months series invites.

How to join?

Simply use the button below to sign up for a place in the class, so I can send you a link to join the live session via Zoom. Everyone will be emailed the recorded version to revisit as often as they like within 24 hours of the Live class. Let’s get back to basics and start meditating!

Melbourne Mindfulness Meditation Teacher - Drop in Meditation Online Courses
Mirka Hilla
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I held this belief that meditation required me to sit crossed legged and oming which is I why I never tried it it for longer than 5 minutes. It frustrated me and made me feel irritable. Then along came the beautiful Alexis! She has allowed me to find the beauty in meditation my way. No rules, no expectations, no right way, no wrong way. I now look forward to my practice daily. Transformation! Her community class and workshops are the highlights of my week!
Jocelyn Vassos
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This meditation experience surprised me in the best way possible. My brain is like a little hampster wheel non-stop spinning thoughts. I practice yoga regualarly and still struggle to interrupt it. But when I participated in Alexis' Pause mediation it shifted something. I think it was her style and approach. It's very unique and modern in the way she invites in those thoughts and encourages us to just show up as we are. The power of that allowed me to drop in in ways I haven't been able to do before. Alexis' practice is approachable, inclusive and affective for everyone.
Laura Reddaway
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Alexis has such a friendly and calm approach, I have loved learning and practicing with her. I wasn’t sure what to expect after signing up for a five week course but Tuesday mornings quickly became my favourite day of the week.

8 Week Mindfulness Practice

A space to practice meditation where we don’t focus on what it looks like, but instead Alexis’ focus is on your discovery to finding a consistent practice. Through your commitment to meditate, if it’s your first time ever or you need support + structure it’s about having support with a person that makes herself accessible to you every week no matter where you are in the world.  

Begin to celebrate all the good that comes from this practice each + every day…

  • Reduce Stress 
  • Increase Creativity
  • Cultivate More Kindness
  • Better Focus + Concentration
  • Manage Anxiety or Depression
  • Improves Self-Esteem + Self-Awareness
  • Manage Addiction
2021 Practice Sessions with Alexis

$125 AUD per term

January / April / July / October

Next Practice Begins: October 19, 2021

AU: Tuesday 7am AEDT

USA: Monday 5pm EDT

Pause with Alexis - 8 Week Mindfulness Program

8-Week Pause Practice

A program designed by Alexis, after going through her own addiction, burnout and depression. Through her daily practice she discovered an entirely new way to live life with compassion, laughter, success and health. She shares all the tricks that she has developed for herself over the years from working with Meditation teachers both in America + Australia. The love + passion Alexis has for a Pause is brought with her to every class single class.

Are you ready to create more ease and enjoyment in your life through meditation?

  • Own the entire 8-week library to re-visit as much as you want!
  • 30-minute live or recorded classes each week via Zoom
  • Weekly Emails to support your home practice
  • Private Online Support Group w/ space to ask questions and share ideas
  • BONUS: Mindfulness exercises sent out each week from Alexis

Limited Practice Spaces available, start your journey now. If you have any questions about the Pause program please do not hesitate to email me: hello@pausewithalexis.com

If you’d like to subscribe to the 8-Week Practice, but also want to work with Alexis directly and subscribe to the Pause Library, scroll down to learn more about The Ultimate Meditation Bundle.

Melbourne Mindfulness Meditation Teacher - Live Drop-in Meditation Classes
Rachel Munyard
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Alexis is amazing, I have been apart of all three of the 4-week meditation programs offered online and have loved them all so much that I'll be enrolling in the next one also! Pause meditations have been the calm in the storm of 2020 and kept me grounded, mindful and present. Alexis brings so much authenticity and heart to each and every class and I look forward to each weeks session.
Tanya Keating
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This is the first meditation session l have done that l have felt truly relaxed and at ease. Alexis is welcoming and has an amazing calming effect. I have a busy mind like so many people and l have always found it hard to mediate Alexis made this easy and really enjoyed it, I highly recommend Pause.
Janel Briggs
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A wonderful meditation class with a very inspiring teacher! Alexis has the biggest heart and cares for each and every person in the class. Her online meditation classes have been such a blessing in my life.

The Ultimate Meditation Bundle

Pause with Alexis offers a personalised plan for your meditation needs. This bundle has limited spaces, so enquire to book today. 

The Ultimate Meditation Bundle includes:

  • An annual subscription to The Pause Library with over 30 guided Meditations
  • Access to all 4 of the the 8-Week Programs (that’s 32 live classes throughout the year!)
  • 3 x 1 hour Mentor Calls with Alexis to help you create a consistent meditation practice at home 
  • Over $200 in savings when you purchase the annual bundle!

To subscribe there are two options, a one-off payment of $899, or 4 monthly payments of $235.